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Over time, vehicle air conditioning systems become less efficient due to factors such as insufficient use, worn out seals and minor leaks in the system.

To maintain your system at peak efficiency it is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced annually. This involves evacuating the gas from the system, testing for leaks, then re-filling and re-pressurising the system.

If you suspect that your air conditioning is not performing effectively or you have not had it serviced in the last 12 months give us a call today!

 Air Conditioning Health Check

Why this is important

Inadequate cooling can be caused by refrigerant leaks, high temperatures, high pressure, or by system restrictions caused by dirt, corrosion, moisture and air. This service determines what is required to bring the A/C system up to intended operating performance. It also ensures the systems ability to control passenger compartment comfort.

 Whats included

  • Visual inspection of all air conditioning components
  • Check of refrigerant pressure
  • Check on vent temperature
  • Performance of an electronic leak detection test
  • Written report and estimate of any work that may be required

A/C System Re-Gassing

The most common cause of poor air conditioning performance is a low refrigerant level. Because refrigerant is a gas, it escapes easily through worn valve seals and o-rings as well as through deteriorated hoses and damaged components. A system running on low refrigerant will inevitably lead to major component failure. Repairing small leaks in advance could save on large, costly repairs in the future.

Air Conditioning Systems Diagnosis & Repairs

If you have a problem with your car air-conditioning, Climate Control, or Heating System, phone us to arrange for a full performance Test and System Diagnosis. It maybe just a small leak or perhaps a little more severe, so by carrying out a system diagnosis test we will be able to pin point the issue from the start.

At Robert St Automotive we are Air conditioning specialists. We have a full understanding of air conditioning in all vehicles. Our certified and trained technicians will diagnose and repair the faults that main dealers cannot find.

If the system is beyond repair, we will always advise you before carrying out any further work. Once you have given consent for us to proceed, we will make all the necessary repairs and your vehicle will be returned back to you, fully repaired and tested for full peace of mind. Our A/C services include;

  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Regassing Car Air- Con Systems
  • Treatment for Bacteria