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7 Signs Your Car Is In Need Of A Checkup

April 29, 2021
No matter if your car has racked up the kilometres or you've just driven it out of the dealership brand new, a vehicle will send you warning signs if something is not right. Even if your car is well-maintained and looked after, it can develop issues that could cost you money long term if ignored. So here are seven signs that your car needs a check-up. 1. Your brakes vibrate, sink or squeal  ...

COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitation Procedures

April 2, 2020
The team at Robert Street Automotive is working hard to keep you safe during COVID-19 crisis. The health and wellbeing of both our clients and team members are our highest priorities. We understand that you have questions about the new normal, and we’re happy to answer them. Going Contactless at Robert Street Automotive We are still conducting face-to-face vehicle drop-offs and collections w...